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Willy Paul forgives Rayvanny for stealing his song



Willy Paul has announced that he doesn’t want to carry needless beef into 2020 and so he has decided to forgive everyone who wronged him. That includes Rayvanny who it should be recalled stole Willy Paul’s song hook, line and literal sinker.

The pair were meant to work together on the song Chuchuma which is actually Willy Pauls and he had shared the instrumentals and the reference track with Rayvanny only for the guy to decide to record the song alone.

This is something that WCB has been known to do and has been accused of doing on numerous occasions.

Check out what Willy Paul said on the matter below:

Anthem!! Tag this guy.. ajione song ilivo kuwa kubwa.. big up to everyone one kwa support yenu.. #mmmh1 I dont want to end the year with grudges manze. God said, learn to forgive right? So haijalishi nini ama nini. Wacha kazi iendelee.. this song is still a masterpiece manze. Big up brother.. @rayvanny

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