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Taylor Swift Fans Threaten To Burn Down Journalist’s Home After 8/10 Review For Folklore



Taylor Swift fans harassed a music editor following her review of the popstar’s new album Folklore, despite giving it a rather glowing eight out of ten.

Pitchfork’s senior editor Jillian Mapes published a review of Swift’s eighth album, but was quickly inundated with angry messages from fans.

Mapes was doxed by furious fans, with her home address and phone number tweeted out as well as photos of her home. Scary stuff.

One creepy tweet reads: “Anyone who comes after the Dark Queen, Taylor Swift, dies alone and will be burned forever. You will be filled with your dark fears and demons. You will never be happy and sleep well again.”

The review, which said the album was a ‘sweater-weather record filled with cinematic love songs and rich fictional details’, prompted such anger from some Swifties that Mapes has since made her Twitter account private.

Prior to that, Mapes had tweeted to say she had been sent ‘more Twitter threats to roll up and harm me than I could stomach to go through’.

She continued: “I’ve gotten too many emails saying some version of, ‘you are an ugly fat b**ch who is clearly jealous of Taylor, plz die,’ which is not the first time I’ve heard that from pop stans.”

She went on to reassure her followers she was ‘safe’, continuing: “It sucks to be scared of every person milling about outside or feel like you can’t answer the phone. That said, I am safe and doing fine.”

Not all Swift fans were joining in the pile on, in fact some were calling out their fellow ‘stans’ for their unacceptable behaviour.–BUtDjav/?utm_source=ig_embed

Mapes isn’t the only journalist to get a harsh backlash from a review. Pop music critic Jon Caramanica, who writes for the New York Times, has also been sent threats over social media.

One tweet sent to Caramanica read: “If the Metacritic score falls, you’ll be dealt with.”

And Junkee journalist Joseph Earl, who also wrote a positive review, has been given the same grim treatment from some die-hard Swift fans.

Swift has yet to comment on the harassment at the time of writing.

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