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Orlando Bloom reveals he’s corrected his tattoo after misspelling son’s name



Getting a tattoo dedicated to your child is a really sweet and touching move – but Orlando Bloom has found out the hard way that it can lose some sentimental value when you spell their name wrong.

Actor Orlando was inked with a Morse code design that spelled out the name of his son Flynn. Except, well… it didn’t.

Eagle-eyed Instagrammers noticed that the spelling was missing a crucial dot, and wasted no time in letting Orlando know about the snafu.

The star later revealed that he had pulled the design from Pinterest, which left the margin for error a whole lot wider.

His tattoo artist, Balazs Bercsenyi – an in-demand tattooist whose work has appeared on other stars, such as Winnie Harlow – admitted to the mistake, and quickly added in another dot to square up the spelling.

Social media definitely saw the funny side, with many a Twitter user pointing out that if this had to happen to anyone, at least it’s certified goof Orlando Bloom.

Now with a wedding to plan, let’s hope that any future body art (hopefully some dedicated to Katy Perry) is thoroughly researched, and not ripped from Pinterest. Fingers crossed.

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