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Lizzo Teams up With Queer Eye For a New Self-Love Single Dubbed ‘Soulmate’



We all love Lizzo for making us feel good as hell and always in the mood to celebrate the magic in us. She is back with another of her such anthems that is titled ‘Soulmate’ featuring the Queer Eye crew.

‘Soulmate’ is a single about being in love with yourself so deeply that you could marry yourself; this is the elite kind of self-love. She talks about loving herself in all her ‘flaws’ and glory and there is nothing more empowering than this.

‘Soulmate’ is set on a medium-paced beat that is pretty busy with how the instruments have been layered. This however works out well for Lizzo because she has a voice that I so well rounded and it smooths over the beat to create a life of its own in the song.

Lizzo raps the verses and sings both the hook and chorus. She slows down the hook and chorus to create a beautiful contrast between the beat and her flow and the transition from the verse to the chorus.

We all know that the show Queer Eye celebrates people in all their unique beauty and so this collaboration between them and Lizzo is a burst of positivity.

Remember to look in the mirror and love on yourself today. Catch a vibe with Lizzo and the Queer Eye crew on ‘Soulmate’.

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