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Khaligraph Jones – Lwanda Magere Legacy Lyrics



Lwanda Magere Legacy By Khaligraph Jones

Yoh! You see right about now
You bout to take it to the basic
Coz rapping really what it used to be
We bout to bring it back nigga


Shout out to Vinc on the beat by the way
Yeah now cjeck me out

Eey it’s the supplier of the truth
My passion is prior to the loop
And all I require I pursue
Atleast the dragon of the speed
Fire in the booth (Jones!)

And I was never hand —
Started my own shit with a pad
And a pen in the stu’
God guided from the jump
He was sending me truce
I pro with it
We no longer making amateur moves

So I’m different I suppose
I’m big daddy king
Bamboo, Doobie
So I’m pissing on you foes
And I’m careful with the code

OG statics, Makaveli in the flesh
Without the piercing in the nose

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