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Katy Perry dressed as a giant bottle of hand sanitizer to promote home episodes of “Idol”



Katy Perry I don’t mind dressing for the occasion. She attended the Met 2019 gala dressed as a chandelier and a hamburger. Exactly what everyone wants.

Sunday, the singer of “Firework” took advantage of her social accounts to talk about the new episodes filmed remotely from American Idol. Katy came dressed as a giant bottle of hand sanitizer. Exactly what everyone needs.

Fancy dress aside, Perry delivered a healthy PSA. “Oh hey. Katy Perry here, reminding you to stay safe, wash your hands and tune in to a whole new episode of American Idol, tonight, “the Idol judge said in the video.

“At #AmericanIdol, we keep it both fresh and clean,” says the legend. See below.

Katy Perry

Perry also gave us an overview of his “studio” (* spoiler alert. She works from her living room).

American Idol changed gears from prerecorded segments to live shows with judges doing their homework.

See Perry’s studio shot below.

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